XSSI Library

Pre-filled Form Fields
Developed by Ken Guest

I use the code below, in a file named 'submit.html' to automatically select the appropriate entry from the select drop down menu. Each page linking to submit.html sets the query string as appropriate (e.g. <A HREF="submit.html?quotes">). This ensures appropriate entries are set correctly.

Webmaster's Notes: Ken's code allows forms fields to be filled out ahead of time, but still gives visitors the opportunity to modify the fields from the dynamic defaults.

<SELECT name="submission_type">

<OPTION <!--#if expr="\"$QUERY_STRING\" = \"quotes\"" -->selected<!--#endif --> >Sending a Quote

<OPTION <!--#if expr="\"$QUERY_STRING\" = \"mirror\"" -->selected<!--#endif --> >Mirror Update

<OPTION <!--#if expr="\"$QUERY_STRING\" = \"whoswho\"" -->selected<!--#endif --> >Who's Who Entry

<OPTION <!--#if expr="\"$QUERY_STRING\" = \"downloads\"" -->selected<!--#endif --> >Entry For Downloads Page

<OPTION <!--#if expr="\"$QUERY_STRING\" = \"library\"" --> selected <!--#endif --> >Item for the library





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