XSSI Library

On The Fly Code

Pre-filled Form Fields
Help your visitors fill out forms, based on the page they just came from.

Last Second Randomizer
This set of commands will randomly include one of 10 different files into a page.

Show Per Date or Time
Show sections of a page based on the current date or time. Great for birthday and holiday greetings.

Simple Authorization
Here's a small set of commands that can be used as a simple password system, in conjunction with a form.

Feature Detecting

CSS Detector
This is Niel Bornstein's set of XSSI commands that will detect if a browser supports Cascading Style Sheets.

JavaScript Detector
Bob Lathe wrote this set of XSSI commands using lots of nested IF/ELIF in order to pick out the best set of JavaScript commands for differing browsers.


Bob Lathe's second addition to the Library is this little demonstration of how to add two strings of characters together.

Mini Log
This little code and set up provides easy access to hits on single pages, without having to use the Server's logs.

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