XSSI Library


Examples from other sites on the web.


There have been a few other places on the web that have explained their use of XSSIs. Below are some examples from other sites that use the power of this technology.


  • Webmonkey
    The Webmonkeys have done some very cool stuff with XSSIs on they're site. Search through their 'Backend' section for more details.

  • JavaScript Guru
    As part of his tutorial on Browser Sniffing, Bob Lathe gives a great example using XSSIs.

  • Journal Archives
    (Click on the 'last week' link at the top of the page.) I took the IF statement and created a way of breaking a single HTML file into what would seem to be a database on the surface. By having the form at the top of page set a variable via the "HTTP/GET" method and then using:

    <!--#if expr="$QUERY_STRING = 'viewdate=13_98'" -->

    or other values where "13_98" is shown.

  • Netscape Enterprise Developer shows us How NetscapeWorld uses server-side includes to save 2 hours of production time each month
    This open and honest article goes into detail about how this online magazine uses XSSI's in it's every day production. Great article for ideas!

  • The Vault of Perversions
    A site known as Wholesale Slaughter Enterprises used XSSI's to show off a gallery of artwork:

    The setup: The Vault of Perversions is a free showcase for artists who work in our genre (emotional impact art)... we [used to have a] haphazard collection of images and menus [in the site] that were done at different times over the past two years. We wanted to give everything a consistant look and feel, and it made sense to use XSSI and templates to achive this.

    The main menu is still very static (this will change as we add random image generators and such). However, every other page in the vault is generated by one of two templates. The menu pages are each HTML files that only define variables, and at the end point to the menu template file. From a constructed menu, each image is a link-- some go to other menus, some go to larger versions of an image. For every larger version of an image, a single image display template is used-- the variable is passed via the ? after the URL; the return link is provided by referencing the HTTP_REFERER variable.

  • The Video Wasteland
    Wholesale Slaughter Enterprises used XSSIs for another project. This time it was for a video retail solution:

    Some XSSI features I've implemented:

    1. Template for most pages makes it easy as hell to add pages and establish links across the entire site.

    2. CGI random image generators called via XSSI.

    3. Conditionals change behaviors of links so that the link to the current page is displayed as text.

    4. Enhanced 404 redirect page analyzes the URI the person had entered and makes an educated guess as to where they need to be redirected.


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