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An overview of reference and background materials.

Contents of the Background Section

I've started a reference for timefmt commands, and I'm planning on some more for regex, and few other items. I've also started in on a list of environment variables. Also, if you're having problems with your commands, check out the General Troubleshooting Guide.

  • Command Listing
    - There are only a small number of XSSI commands, but this document doesn't even have all of them. Be sure to check out the official documentation at Apache.org website.

  • General Troubleshooting Guide
    - Culled from way too much personal experience, here's a checklist of items to watch out for when dealing with rogue commands.

  • timefmt Commands
    - Functional Groupings
    - Alphebetical Order

  • Environment Variables - Environment variables are the way that SSIs know what's going on around them. What time is it? Where did this page come from? What browser is accessing this page? All of these answers and more can be answered.

  • Page Template Strategies
    - To use the full power of XSSIs on your site, you can establish a template system that will seperate the navigation and other common elements of your site's pages from the content.

  • Printer Friendly pages System.
    - Oh this is cool. Now your site can have those links that display our pages in a form that is easy for printers to print out.

A printer-friendly version of this article is available.
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