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Since this is supposed to be a library of SSI samples, and I'm only one person, contributions to the Regex library are greatly appreciated. If you'd like to contribute a regular expression to the library, use the form below to explain what the regex is, what it does, and what section it should go in.

As many browsers don't properly submit text files that have HTML comments in them, you may wish to send the code clip via e-mail.

If you like, I will give you credit in the listings, though if you wish to remain annonymous, I will certainly respect that as well. (Your name and e-mail address will only be used for direct correspondence by myself. I will not distribute your information without your permission.) Thanks for help!

Please note: SSI commands are often stripped from browser-based e-mails. Please send me your XSSI code in a follow up message.


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Thanks for helping out! If there is a problem with this form, please drop me a line at: my contact form


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