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Shortly after starting this site, I was searching for more information to put a reference for the timefmt commands together in a nice printable form. Well, searching for the string "+timefmt +commands" on the fast text-only version of AltaVista gave me a good listing of a wider variety of SSI and XSSI tutorials and commands.

References (SSI specific)

  • eXtended Server Side Includes
    Here is the original page written by the author of the Apache module. This provides some background into the development of the eXtended part of XSSI.

  • The Webmonkey's on XSSIs and Apache
    The Webmonkey's have been avid users of Server-Side Includes and they have a good set of articles that delve into the details of their own useage, their custom XSSI mod, and general overviews of the technology.

  • Original SSI Documentation
    Straight from the NCSA HTTPd Home Page, comes the original documentation for SSI's. The SSI is still available with in XSSI. XSSI was added to Apache at version 1.2. Also of interest here is the listing of CGI Environment Variables established by NCSA's HTTPd.

  • Apache - The Definitive Guide
    Chapter 10: Server-side Includes

    Taken directly from the O'Reilly book on Apache, we are fortunate enough to have the chapter we're most interested in available on the net. This doesn't have much more than the regular documentation, but it's a bit easier to read.

  • CGI Programming On The World Wide Web
    Chapter 5: Server-side Includes

    Sometimes lightning strikes twice. In this case, another O'Reilly book's sample chapter available on the web deals with SSIs. This one is very well written and gives a great overview. Be sure to see the Common Errors section at the bottom of the page.

  • SSIs at Process Software
    This single page is broad overview of commands and date formats. Nice example snipets at the bottom of the page.

  • How To
    A nice little reference on the various commands. Good set of date and file size examples, along with good original descriptions of the XSSI commands.

  • Purdue University FAQ's
    Purdue built a couple of pages explaining SSI's on their servers. The page titled: What HTTPD Bugs/Problems are in Server Side Includes? is short but helpful as well.

  • The Navy and Novell SSIs
    Even the US Navy has got the hang of Server Side Includes. This page describes using the SSI's built into a Novell Web Server

  • The Technical Side of Web Services
    Tim Dunn explores some of the tips a tricks available with Apache SSI commands. Be sure to check out the show.cgi if you're interested in learning how he works his magic.

References (General Apache)

  • Apache.org
    The first place to look is at Apache's own web site. Here you can find three pieces of documentation: The original mod_include documentation, and a short piece on XSSI in the FAQ detailing the major items to remember when setting up an XSSI page.

    Both documents are rather terse, and provide little information about how to find further resources.

  • ApacheWeek
    The next source for Apache news and hints is the site for Apache Week sends out a weekly newsletter that is esentially a Lynx rendering of the current issue's page. Occasionally they will include good feature articles about specific parts of Apache. One of the first features they wrote and still have available was a short tutorial on XSSI

  • Apache RTFM
    Finally! Here's a site dedicated to really getting good documentation for Apache. Here are introductory texts that will really help Apache beginners get up to speed. Specifically, there's a large section on XSSI.

References (Important Tangents)

  • Time Formats
    Best has a FAQ specifically listing all the commands that can be used the timefmt settings. No examples but a good no-frills chart. They also have a great set of commands that inspired the 'mini' log.





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