Web Design and Development Articles

2001 - 2007

Dynamic Tensions
Be the future of the web by using a set of new perspectives on web development. Use the concepts of Dynamic Tension to rethink and reflow your web site. Presentation first given at Refresh Seattle, in July of 2007. (The raw notes are also available.) 2007-07-24
The Marquee Tag
The hatred seeths within every web producer for these fruity little tags. I use it to bring back an old friend. 2004-07-27
Syllabus for Art 120, Computer Graphic Design (Studio) at Portland State
PDF of the class syllabus from my class at PSU. This is the first time I've taught this course, so the Syllabus is pretty slim. 2004-04-01
Mail Client List
A listing of mail clients that could be used as a basis for establishing their HTML capabilities. 2004-03-03
Web Power Tools
Nick Finck and I presented a set of tools, tips and techniques at a recent meeting. It was well recieved. Here's what we covered. 2003-10-08
Tips for HTML Mails
HTML mails are not fun for everyday use, but when you want to send them, be sure to send the very best. You can get your e-mails to be the very best with some help from these notes and tools. 2003-10-08
Web Project Planning
A job begun is a job half done, or so the saying goes. The first step in begining a site is getting the site planned. Here are a set of steps you can use to get an accurate description of the site you're trying to build. 2003-06-17
Hide CSS from Browsers
Learn some of the tricks for hiding CSS by exploiting bugs and defficencies in browsers. This is a mirror of the original documents that were hosted at a rapidly disappearing web site, victim of the dot-com bubble. 2002-12-29
HTML Link Bookmarklet
In an ongoing series of Greymatter related articles, check out this bookmarklet I created that will generate the HTML to link to the current page you're viewing in your browser. 2002-03-18
The Flash Aesthetic
Most art movements are difficult to pin point without time to reflect on them. The Flash Aesthetic is one which has developed to that point. 2002-02-11
Ping from GreyMatter
Now that needs to be asked to come look at your RSS file, it's important to let it know. With this simple mod to gm.cgi, you can get a very simple button to do this. 2001-10-25
Simple Layers in HTML
Can you belive that you can do layers in HTML? You should because in a simple way you can achieve great results. Combine BODY Backgrounds, Table Cell Backgrounds and other tricks to get flexible, great looking web page layouts. 2001-10-10
RSS for Greymatter
Adding an RSS feed to the Greymatter blog is quite easy, if you do it by using templates and connected files. 2001-07-29

1998 - 2000

A Design Method
Adding some thought to how you approach design can give you a path to fall back on if inspiration isn't sweeping you away. 2000-07-29
Filename: Characters to Avoid
Filenames can be tricky, but the key to is to remember the reasons to avoid filenames that have characters outside of 4 groups: lowercase letters, numbers and two punctuation marks. 2000-06-18
Internet and Web Usage Statistics
After the StatsMarket site began charging for it's information this list was gathered that details other sources for web-wide statistics. 2000-03-15
Directory Navigation And Why You Need to Understand It.
If you started using compuers once Graphical User Interfaces became the norm, you might not understand how to use directory structures in your web site to their full advantage. This might help. here's another shot at attempting to explain directories. 1999-12-20, edited 2000-06-15
Web Developer Salary Data
A great succinct collection of articles on salary data. My honey did the real leg work on this article. 1999-08-23, updated 1999-12-05
Digitizing Images for Multimedia Using Photoshop
When you're working with images for multimedia deployment, using the web or using CD-ROMs, there are some steps that you should be sure to take. Check out this framework for getting your images to look great. 1999-12-01
Elements of a Branding Package
It's very common for web design clients to also need an entire brand facelift for their project. Here's some pieces that I've used when developing such a package. I've also put together a step-by-step timeline for developing these elements. 1999-11-27
Intro To Web Graphics Syllabus Fall 1999
This is the HTML version of the class syllabus that I used in the course I've been teaching at the local University. The syllabus from last quarter is also available. 1999-09-19
Oh, to Structure Code
There's a very real reason why you should properly structure you code. It's not just an academic exercise. 1999-08-22
Macintosh Web Development Toolbox
You too can create blue-ribbon web sites with the utilities, files and templates that I've gathered here. 1999-07-15
Web Interface Design
Lots and lots of links about Interface design: some classics, some new ideas. 1999-07-10
Error Pages: The 404 Experience
Don't let poor typing skills, outdated web sites and lazy webmasters hurt your visitor's experience. Make your error pages useful! Updated 1999-08-02
What I learned at UCON99
Notes and ramblings on a wide variety of Web Design and development topics. Most stem from notes taken at the Macromedia UCON held in San Francisco, May 1999. 1999-06-14
Rebuttals on the Web
A response to an article on Web design that appeared in a local computer magazine. 1999-05-23
A Web Trash Can
Description of a method for cleaning up your web site's directories while still keeping files your visitors may still want. 1999-05-10
The Browser Black List
A method to kick the browser manufacturers into compliance. 1999-03-23


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