The Steps For Creating A Branding Package

Round One

  1. Analyze Audience
    1. Demographics Collection
    2. Target Audience Identification
    3. Identify Market Trends
  2. Analyze Industry
    1. Identify Competition
    2. Identify Industry Trends
  3. Develop Effective Statement Of Identity
    1. A Message That Relates Quickly And Accurately To The Audience
    2. A Message That Evokes Desired Response From Audience
  4. Collect Phrases And Concepts That Relate To Statement Of Identity
  5. Synthesize Visual Representations Of Phrases And Concepts
  6. Sketch And Concept Logos, Logo Types And Tag Lines
  7. Apply Color Scheme And Pallette
  8. Focus Elements To Three Candidates
  9. Present 3 Package Candidates To Client
  10. Clients Decides On Favorite Package

Round Two

  1. Develop 3 Variations Of Selected Package
  2. Develop Sample Collateral With Each Variation: Letterhead, Envelope, Business Card, Web Page

Round Three

  1. Present To Client For Final Choice
  2. Allow for minor modifications

To get some definitions of the items referred to in these steps, check out the Elements of a Branding Package.


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