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Collected here are the non-web development notes and articles I’ve written or collected, sorted by year.



  • Western States Tour is a travelogue of our road trip vacation in 2006.
  • Red Lion Hotel in Salt Lake City, a review from the first night in the room of a three-night stay.
  • Tips for Public Speeches are compiled from a lecture given by Edward Tufte. Thanks to Ted Romer for the original notes.








  • Angel - a Funny picture
  • Caffeine - Some Stats on soft drinks
  • Costumes - for Halloween and other events
  • IMDB - An exploration of a downgrading upgrade on the IMDB.
  • Mir-impact - Large image of an asteroid hitting the Earth, from the perspective of the Russion MIR space station.
  • mso2kad - A frightening ad from Microsoft
  • NASA
  • Syndication - Note on early syndication of content in 1999
  • Three Versions - Three versions of a web site I designed for a company I worked for.
  • Ucon99 - Notes from the Macromedia conference I attended.
  • Watch - A watch made from a logo I created.


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