Rebuttals on the Web

The article "Words on the Web" appeared in the May 1999 issue of our local computer magazine Computer Bits. The article discussed various aspects of putting text on a web page. I've got a bit of background in both web development and graphic arts, so this article was treading on my home turf.

I wrote a rebuttal.

The initial posting of this page included quite a bit of the article's text, plus my comments. But I was asked firmly by the publisher to remove those sections that violated their copyrights. I wish there was some better way to annotate an article short of having to paraphrase and take quote potentially out of context, without violating copyrights. To compromise, the editor at Computer Bits agreed to post the whole page on the Computer Bits site. (Not every magazine reader has that luxury.) The page is located at

Let me also state that the author was very gracious in responding to my ramblings, in her posted response and in her private mails to me. I am glad to see that level of professionalism in the writers at Computer Bits.

I will post the lines that I most wanted noted: "The two most important concepts that a potential web designer should take away from a piece like this are A) Let go of your ego and work with the content. B) It's okay to break the rules once you know what they are, and why you're doing it."


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