Martin and Dave

X1 & X2

Depeche Mode is in a word, incredible. I have a pretty extensive collection of their releases. The pride of my collection is a box set named X1 and X2 which are Japaneese imports. I also have a page about CD3 releases by Depeche Mode and digital video releases. There's a list of my entire collection in the storage closet. I've also made some tile-able images that are based on dM logos and art and a background image for 17" monitors. Additionally I've developed a section about Mode and film soundtracks and a piece about Mode Collecting. Finally, I received some pictures of the ULTRA Bus.

Who is Mode? Martin Gore, a lyrical god and guitar player of well-deserved renown, is the song writer for the group. He has written 98% of dM's material. David Gahan is the showman, the frontman, the singer. He takes Martin's silky smooth music and gives it the emotional edge that makes dM come alive. Andy Fletcher, a.k.a. Fletch, a.k.a. Feltch, a.k.a. Clap, doesn't actually make any of the music, but handles the finances, and appears on stage to clap. Alan Wilder left the band in 1995.

On the net, Depeche Mode has an official web site, and dM fans have a mailing list and web page called BONG. Mode's label Mute also has information regarding the band. Many other people from around the world love their beautiful sounds. I can't put together an entire dM Internet Guide but other people have great pages with link lists. For me, I'll just listen to dM in my room.

Mode pages here:
Storage Closet - List of all my Mode
X1/X2 - The Japanese Box Set
The CD3 - The 3" CD format
Digital Video - Video releases in digital formats
Tiles - based on Depeche Mode Cover Art
Soundtracks - Movies with Mode music
Collecting Hell - List of Levels
Double Decker DM - The ULTRA Bus
ULTRA Background - Desktop Image


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