Dealing with burn out

Acrobat PDFs of the Burnout Worksheets We all deal with it at some point in time. People who have a sever case of loyalty are prone to put a lot of effort into jobs and projects that don't refresh the spirit as much as it wears it down. My mom gave me a few work sheets with some questions and some exercises that can help you work through your stress.

I found them very helpful in identifying some things in my life that are within my control, and that can give me a better handle on the stresses that my job brings. I took them and created a set of 3 very clean worksheets that you can download below.

I'm not sure who made these in the first place, but if you do, please contact me so that I can give them proper attribution, and perhaps put them under a Creative Commons license.

Download all three pages

All three worksheets in one PDF file.

What's on each page

Burnout Checklist (Small Thumbnail) Page 1: A Burnout Checklist

Constantly giving of oneself without adequate replenishment may result in stress. Ask yourself:

Game Plan (Small Thumbnail) Page 2: Burnout Game Plan

Individuals in control of their lives have a deliberate game plan. Beneath each of the items below, identify your confidence in your abilities, what might be encumbering your improvement in these areas. Individuals with a game plan are:

Refueling Your Tank (Small Thumbnail) Page 3: The Cure For Burnout: Refueling Your Tank

Choose one area that is low and creatively brainstorm some ways to increase the time devoted to this area by 10 percent over the next month. The purpose in setting a modest goal is to be sure it is attainable. Set yourself up to win.

Let both your intuition and your logic tell you which is most important to improve. Frequently, a small improvement in one critical area can make a big difference toward moving you back to a balanced life. Be Specific. In the space below write down up to three specific steps that you can take to affect one of the items above. What percentage of the time do you get an adequate amount of each of these?

  1. Proper rest
  2. Good nutrition
  3. Daily nonstressed exercise
  4. Time alone
  5. Time to read and learn
  6. Spiritual growth
  7. Intimacy and love
  8. Fun, joy and play
  9. Quality time with family and friends
  10. New interests or hobbies
  11. Regular and frequent vacations
  12. Sense of purpose


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