Generic Bluetooth Adapter

Bluetooth adapter with translucent blue casing I purchased a 'generic' Bluetooth adapter that plugs into a USB port for my Mac iBook. With Mac OS X (10.3.4) Panther, there are no drivers required. However I loaned it to a friend who wanted to try it on a PC that he had and I couldn't remember where the drivers were available for download. It's not a plug and play kind of thing on Windows XP, so I'm posting this to remind me and let other know about how to get the drivers.

The Device

The dongle itself is pretty small, and people keep mistaking it for a Flash drive. It has a translucent blue plastic case and a USB port at one end. (A pass-through USB port version with a bit of Flash RAM to store the drivers would be nice, but hey it was 22 bucks.) There's a little green light that comes on when it's plugged in and a tiny little hole that you think might be for a keyring, but it's much too small even for that. (Mine also has a little round white sticker with '40' printed in black on it.) Now it has my e-mail address on it as well in case it gets lost.

The Drivers

As of Summer 2004, the drivers are available through which is the company I bought the bluetooth dongle from. Right off of their front page is a link to the drivers.

The driver package itself is 19MB. I can send it to you if the site goes offline and you contact me. The PDF instruction manual has English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and Japanese. I can send that as well (6MB). On the Windows side, the driver is called "WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software" by WIDCOMM, Inc.

Device Compatibility List

According to the documentation, this USB Adapter is supposed to be compatible with the follow devices.


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