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Dec 11 Sat (05 PM)

One of the great things about the G3/400 that I’ve got is the Speah Recognition software that’s built into the MacOS. I activated it and have been having a ball ordering my machine around. First it was simple stuff like ‘Computer, what time is it?” or “Computer, close this window.”

I’ve been digging around in the AppleScripts that are part of the system and have put a couple of them together. One is “Computer, Check my mail.” The machine dials up my ISP, opens Eudora, tells it to check my mail, downloads it, and in the mean times says “I am attempting to connect and download your mail.”

The other script opens all of the web pages that I like to read each morning. I’m quite pleased with it. The only hitch I’m running into is that the system keeps setting the audio input to “Microphone”, even though the systems works better if it’s set to “Sound In”. Anyone have any hints on how to make this the final setting?

Speaking of speech, I read a great article on the freedom of such and the changes that have been coming about of late: <http://www.applelinks.com/abacus/all_the_news.shtml>

Amy and I are off to a cocktail party tonight. It’s being put on by <http://www.prodx.com> and as their partners, a few of us from Exact got invites. The party is at the Portland Art Museum. It should be a lot of fun.


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