Very Big Dream

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Wow. Talk about dramatic.

All of the demons of Hell were fighting the legions Angels of Heaven in a very large and beautiful mansion. They were struggling for control of a sword and a clock.

The Angels had always had the the Sword which was used to send the humans to hell as needed, and the demons had possesed the clock, which told of when people would die.

The demons were like the monster from Disney’s Night on Bald Mountain sequence in Fantasia (which is having an IMAX-only sequel released, btw.).

The battle was taking place in the parlor, a vaulted ceilinged, late 1800’s room, with lots of paintings on the wall, ferns and stools all around.

The demons wanted the sword and the angels wanted the clock. The destruction was ferocious, the noise deafening and the walls and floors were shaking.

An angel was run through, and I woke up.

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