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It’s time to shed it all off. It’s time to sluff off this old skin. How appropriate that it comes on the trailing days of the old year.

The skin of this old job comes off like an old, suffocating cocoon. Splitting open the seams, gasping for air, struggling out of the hardened coffin. It’s been killling me.

The final blast, that last destructive tirade, the threats of violence still ring in my ears. ‘Unconscious’ My god, he said I would leave ‘unconscious’. I couldn’t possibly deserve that.

To see my words like that in black and white makes it sink in deeper. The shear audacity, the break down of civilization, loss of human dignity and respect, it all seems so… frightening.

It’s time for some changes. I’ve got some clean up to do. Lawyers to call, and recruiters to get back to. Friends to call, and meet with. A life to live, air to breathe.

There will be a change to this journal as well. Nothing major, just some layout changes. Not quite as bleak? minimal? Let’s just say it has some more color. Look for it after the turn of the year.

A new look, a new life. It’s about time.




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Will the Dilbert pages ever be faster? Is it too much to ask?



Happy(ish) Holidays

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Well, I can’t say that life is perfect, but I can say that Christmas hasn’t been horrible this year. Amy gave me a wonderful present this year. (She had me open it early.) It’s a desk chair! It may seem a bit strange to some, but I had been using an old dining table chair which was too short, at a bad angle and rigid. The new chair, at it’s highest setting, is the perfect size; it swivels so I don’t put any more strain on my back when turning around to watch the TV.

My parents are in town, staying at my brother’s place (the temporary apartment). I’ve been over there the last two nights, talking for hours with them. It’s been just wonderful having them here.

Portland is having it’s first white Christmas in decades. It’s quite beautiful. 2″ of snow!

Short Y2K update, courtesy of the Red Cross: http://www.redcross.org/disaster/safety/y2k.html

X Mass X


From the 'Time is a Circle' Dept.

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(From the ‘Time is a Circle’ Dept.)

Andrew Johnson is giggling, to be sure. I would guess that only other Impeached Prez is laughing at us. Don’t we see the futility of it all. Take the long range look at the situation Johnson faced, and history has declared him to be a victim. A victim of politics, not a vicitim of a justice system.

And whether Clinton is found guilty by the two articles of impeachment that cleared the House, or not, I think history will show this as being ‘those lower-class representatives in the house got all ganged up on the president’ and not much more.

The House had the ability to say let’s make the punishment fit the crime. They didn’t.

America is politically off-balance. Revolution anyone?



Job and NT Hell

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(Job and NT Hell)

Vent, Vent Vent…. What more do you expect from me? Why do you have to yell about IP numbers and HTTP headers? You know not of which you speak.



Working in Hell

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(Working in Hell)

The devils really did it this time. Taking back my ration of water like that. Oh, Oh, Oh it’s going to be a fun Christmas.

I have an Employment contact here, not a Services contract. I have work as an employee, they will pay me as that contract stipulates.

The day of reconning will come. Whether it’s Jesus or the Labor Board, these deamons will be blinded, tied, dipped and dropped.

The time to act is now.



Tour Notes

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(Tour Notes)

After the Seattle show, we tailed a van to the Four Seasons hotel. The van had the entourage, but then we waited a few minutes then another car came up. Amy got a chance to get Dave to sign a Cassette inlay of the S 86-98.

We did sat in the lounge that Martin, Fletch and the entourage (including Jonathan Kesler) were relaxing in. There was a piano, but Martin didn’t get on it at all, and he took off early with his wife. We stayed until 2:30am or so at the Four Seasons, and then headed back home. I just woke up 10 minutes ago, and I’m supposed to be at work… 🙂

Final tally:

Prague was almost a riot. The open floor was damn near bone crushing. That really detracted from the concert. Portland was _much_ more reserved, but from where I was at, they were more into it than the Seattlites.

However, Martin sang Sister of Night in Seattle. It was incredibly beautiful. Just Martin and Peter, somewhat like they did for Somebody, but Martin was much more into Sister of Night.



Grr, Grr, Grr

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(Grr, Grr, Grr)

Lots of tensions, lots of troubles

When it seems to even out, everything doubles.

Voices rise and tears fall

Sometimes I’m sick of it all.

But I see that smile

and it keeps me warm a while.




The Project List Grows

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(The Project List Grows)

A couple more irons in the fire now. One is a Christmas story, utilizing a long unused and overlooked member of the Yuletide season.

Another is the costume list, a huge list of costume ideas that I borrowed from this past Halloween. I’m organizing it, and marking it up for the people who had it in the first place.

Next there’s the Regex Library, a library of sample Regex strings. I’ve got a few good ones, it’s just a matter of documenting them.

Finally, there’s the big project, which I’ll only refer to as Project PJ. Why is it a secret? Ask Wired: http://www.wired.com/news/business/story/16503.html


Stuck again

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(Stuck again)

I still can’t get into the office where my machine at OMSI is at. I’ve got mail and such to take care of, but I can’t get to it. This really sucks.

I’ll have to come by tomorrow and sort things out.

Keyed Off