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Dec 19 Sun (01 PM)

Sorry ’bout the lack of updates. I’ve been letting a lot of things slip through the cracks of late.

I think my biggest distraction has been the addition of 3 new web developers that I’m leading into battle, with two more coming on in the new year. I’m finding myself in a management role, more so than I’ve had to deal with in the past. So far, things are going well, but I’m only a couple of weeks into it.

The oddest thing about it is the fact that I seem to be sabotaging myself in the midst of trying to do well. I’ve never been one to accept authority all that well. As my Dad told me, when I was in school, I had no problem going off and doing my own thing if I didn’t like where the rest of the group was going. It’s not so much rebelion as just lack of interest in the group activity if it didn’t serve my needs/wants/desires.

But now I’m the head of the group, though my style certainly doesn’t reflect any kind of military rigor, but is more of method of getting buy-in from the members, listening to ideas and thoughts of the teams. Then I’ll suggest tasks and responsibilities that each member should take on.

I think my style will probably work well in a smaller group, where there aren’t any challanges to my position, but there would be problems if there was a head-strong personality or a larger number of people. Perhaps if that kind of growth occurs, I’ll have to change my style but for now I think I’m hanging in there.


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