Dear MLS

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Dear Major League Soccer,

Please rescind the ban on the Iron Front logo.

Please rephrase “political” in the CoC to be more specific, in alignment with your stated positions regarding tolerance and diversity.

Please recognize that the Rainbow Pride flag has had a nearly identical message as the Iron Front emblem. You have vociferously supported the LGBTQ community using their “political” imagery. To ban the Iron Front and other anti-fascist statements is hypocritical.

I’m a nine-year season ticket holder. Please show me that your organization deserves my support for a tenth year, before Sept 27.

Thank you,

-Ross Olson


Meltdown in Tukwilla

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Amy and James and I watched the US Open Cup match between our beloved Timbers and the filling village up north. Last nights stream of the game from Tukwilla’s Starfire Complex was incredible. The 3-1 win by the Timbers was a great ending, but way that the game was lost by the Sounders was a spectacle worthy of being written about. By me. Here. On this blog.

Let’s see who has been writing about it so far:

The one topic I’d like to add to the scrum is regarding Clint Dempsey. I’ve noticed a consistent thread of Sounders fans defending ‘Deuce’ and his actions by saying that what he did wasn’t really an attack on the ref. The line of reasoning is that it wasn’t worth a criminal arrest, therefore it wasn’t so bad. I’m surprised at the reasoning here, because this sort of action leads us down very dark path.

We cannot allow refs, good or bad or neutral, to become targets for abuse. Even the slightest hint of malice must be dealt with… dramatically, harshly and immediately. The way that these things progress are literally a matter of life and death.


The Easiest Decision

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The idea of rooting for some random fishing village is ridiculous, particularly when the obvious alternative is to root for Colorado or San Jose to beat Vancouver in the remaining games of the season.

Okay… maybe just Colorado.


The Timbernacci Sequence

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Today I make a bold prediction. In the first three matches of the season, the Timbers have out-scored their opponents very consistently. Take a look at the results:

  1. 0:1 vs Puerto Rico Islanders
  2. 1:2 vs Minnesota Thunder
  3. 0:2 vs Seattle Sounders

Notice a pattern here? Yes, it seems that Gavin Wilkinson has inspired the boys in green to beat their opponents by a margin that follows the Fibonacci Sequence. The Fibonacci Sequence is pretty simple. You start with 1 and add 0, which gives you 1. Then you take that second 1 and add it to the first 1. That gives you 2. You add the previous number (1) to the current number (2) to get the next number (3). Repeat: You add the previous number (2) to the current number (3) to get the next number (5). Repeat: You add the previous number (3) to the current number (5) to get the next number (8). 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 and so on.

I fully expect that when the Timbers face the Rochester Rhinos (at PGE Park) on May 8th, they will win by a goal differential of 3. Which leaves us in the perfect position of go ahead 5 goals over the Flounders on May 10th.

By the end of the season, at the final home game, we should beat the Charleston Battery by 514,229 goals.

The final regular season game for the Timbers will have a goal chasm of 832,040 against the Carolina Railhawks @ WakeMed Soccer Park.

As it is likely that by following this plan the Timbers will get a first round bye in the post-season, they will have 4 more matches at the end of the season, with the two-leg aggregate for the championship’s goal totals separated by 5,702,887.

Over the course of the season and the playoffs, the Timbers will score 9,227,464 times. Yep, Nine Million goals in 2008.

This is going to be a real team effort. By the 13th match (Vancouver Whitecaps @ Swangard Stadium) The Timbers will be scoring a over once per minute. I know Taka can handle that pretty easily himself. But by game 25 (Minnesota Thunder @ James Griffin Stadium), the Timbers will be scoring over once per second. I think we’ll need to stagger the goal scoring at that point, so I’m hoping Chris Brown can take up some of the slack. I figure if they alternate seconds, their cleats won’t burst into flames.

By that championship match, the Timbers are going to have to put their backs into it as they score 652 goals each second. I’m hoping that Ray Burse (Keeper) gets at least a few of those, but I expect our back line will help out quite a bit.

I’d like to congratulate head coach Gavin on this brilliant plan. We were pretty weak on offense last year, but now we’re on the right track.

“True supporters for-ev-er more!”

(Please note that my calculations could be off a bit. It may be that Gavin is only having them score the sequence at home games.)


Recent Timbers News

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Here at Casa Del Futbol, we’re gearing up for the Timbers 2008 season which will open April 17. As part of the lead up to the season, a few articles that recently came out worth mentioning for their timbery content: