The American Look

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If you like the products at Design Within Reach you’ll love the video The American Look.

It’s a love letter to the mid-century designer… pardon me, “Stylist” with all of the bombastic pronouncements that you might expect from a corporate-sponsored documentary from 1958. It’s just about a half hour long and minutes 26 and 27 are the retro-futuist scenes, but the whole thing is a real Modernist treat.


fixing my custom home page’s…

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fixing my custom home page's Upcoming and Meetups feeds. HowDev is HowDead it seems.


Finally integrated my old del.icio.us…

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Finally integrated my old del.icio.us account with my journal. Cleaning up by bookmarks bar.

Edward Tufte video work

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Take a look at the time lapse for the Rocket Science installation. Pretty dramatic clouds at the end… Ask E.T.: ET video work on YouTube


Remember, we are but cat…

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Remember, we are but cat furniture.

CatNip for Mac OS X

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CatNip is a program which, while running, detects “cat-like typing” and locks the keyboard, usually in under a half second. Optionally, CatNip will fade your desktop and display a warning message to your cat (which is of dubious value, since if your cat can read, your cat can probably type, too).

For some reason, this has become an important part of my software toolbox…

@jowyang you’re right. @zsazsa…

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@jowyang you're right. @zsazsa rocks! I'm sorry she's not in Portland anymore. Perhaps she'll find her way back.

Enjoying http://www.vimeo.com/77426

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Enjoying http://www.vimeo.com/77426


Score one for apartment dwellers:…

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Score one for apartment dwellers: New Dishwasher installed by property manager!


Dear Television Networks…

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Jock wrote Dear Television Networks and noted:

In fact it seems that all you guys are willing to do just about anything, except the one thing the consumers really want. We want to buy the shows, and watch them commercial free whenever and where ever we want. We want to be your customers.

Jock, You know this isn’t how the economics work. Advertisers pay WAY more money than viewers will ever pay for the content of the shows. Even longtailing the shows, the productions companies would have to have some sort of up front ROI in order to stay in business.

But advertisers are willing to spend LOTS of money to ‘borrow’ our eyeballs. They don’t understand that (poorly done) commercials are less effective than they think. One day advertisers might get a clue, but only after all the ad agencies sales staff have been rounded up and put to pasture…