PDX Web Group

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This was fun: PDX Web Innovators, though it was a bit surpriseing who showed up. Most of the people there knew of or attended WebVisions, or in the case of Tom, actually worked on my crew one year.

Ooh, and it looks like WebVisions is going to be in May this year. I hope it doesn’t conflict with other things…


Morgan's Recital

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Click the “more” link to see it… via YouTube.

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South by Northwest

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From the places I’d like to be, conferences I’d like to attend file:

Digital Web Magazine – News – South by Northwest:

South by Northwest sponsored by Blue Flavor, Bryght, Newsvine and Raincity Studios. There will be lots of beer, wine and margaritas to suck down. Be sure to bring your digital cameras because there is nothing more bloggable than drunken web geek celebrities.

Have a great time guys!


Gustav and KRNK

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So I’m noticing how much I’m listening to KNRK again. Gustav has always been one of my most fav DJs of all time and happens to be a Depeche Mode fan in the extreme.

I remember when things went downhill with KNRK and the final blow when Marconi was summarily taken off of the air. At the time of the change from the Daria/Gustav morning show to the Marconi show there were a number of newspaper articles that detailed what was going on and more when Marconi was yanked.

I wondered if there had been any more recent articles looking at KNRK’s turn around. I googled for KNRK and Gustav and such and actually came across my own journal entry about Gustav, but there has not been much about the station lately which is a shame. The closest I’ve found is a podcast from Northwest Noise from 15 May 2005 and has turned out to have Gustav’s look back at the station. It’s GREAT. If you’re into KNRK’s music, you should listen to this podcast.


For the Pilots

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A little Roy-Orbison-mellow, with a Nick-Cave-twist for the U of Portland women’s soccer team as they play in for the National Title against UCLA:

Just running scared, each place we go
So afraid, that Christine might show

Yeah, running scared, what would we do
If she came back and ran toward you?

Just running scared, feeling cold
Running scared, can’t stop that goal

Just running scared, afraid to lose
If she came back, which foot would she choose?

And then all at once, she was sprinting there
So sure of herself, her head in the air

While my heart was breaking, which one would it be?
Then she turned round and scored the goal on me

Go Pilots!


All Redeeming Qualities

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Over the past year I had the opportunity to see and amazing process up close: the writing of a novel.

Jock Murphy wrote an amazing book called Redemption Song. I was lucky enough to even get the chance to comment on the work before it was finished. Jock’s book is now available on Amazon and I’m just so incredibly proud to have been there for the birth of a great work of great dedication.

Congratulation Jock!

And even further, he’s made the book available on a chapter by chapter basis on his site. Take a look at some of the work and if you get hooked, buy the book! Jock took his time and his inspiration and has something that other people only hope to have, think of having, dream of having. A book of one’s own.


On Playing Cards

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I found this bit of Card history interesting. True or untrue, I’m not sure.

Originally, the face cards were portrayals of actual personages, and slight traces of them remain to this day. Charlemagne was the model for the king of hearts; the Hebrew King David was portrayed by the king of spades; Julius Caesar was represented by the king of diamonds; and Alexander the Great was the prototype for the king of clubs. On the feminine side were Helen of Troy as the queen of hearts, Palas Athena as the queen of spades, and the biblical Rachel as the queen of diamonds. Also honored from time to time were Joan of Arc and Elizabeth I, as well as a number of others. The knights, or jacks as they came to be called, were all patterned after famous soldiers, such as Sir Lancelot for clubs; Charlemagne’s nephew Roland for diamonds; Hogier Le Danois, another Charlemagne lieutenant, for spades; and Etienne de Vignoles, who fought for Charles VII of France, for hearts.

You might ask, “Ross, why were you visiting a Baccarat site?” Why because I was watching the DVD Amy got me… Casino Royale! Not quite what I expected. I rate the film VO: Very Odd.


Flying My Time Machine

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I feel like I’m hurtling through this week without a single point to stop and catch my breath. I’m helping out with WebVisions, going to developers’ group meetings, and playing with a new toy.

Ah yes the new toy. It’s a Wireless Cam. Imagine your ordinary Lo-rez web cam, except with a wireless transmitter. It’s powered by a 9 volt battery, so you can put it anywhere you want and get a web cam set up.

The cam is available online for $80 (it’s a ‘C Video Camera’ from TrendMasters. (I would link to their site, but it sucks.)) However, the Software Etc. over at Clackamas Town Center has them for $30. Like I said, they’re low rez, but for a toy to play with, it’s very cool.

Good thing Bob loaned me an old ATI video card that has an RCA Video In that can bring in the signal. Thanks Bob!

Yes I will try to set up a WebCam, but the modem connection is only good for intermittent access, not a dedicated video feed.

Updated Nov 2007 to fix links in first paragraph.


Thoughts leftover from dreaming

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Original Posting: 3/9/2001 10:00:05 AM:

If we make networks that can self repair, then loose the ability to shut all network nodes down, then the smallest portion of the backups/self-maintenece/self-repair portions of software become more robust, would we have created a system that could out live us as a race? What would distinguish this from being another race altogether?

I found a new Weblog/Journaling perl script called Greymatter, via Camworld that looks very promising. I could get rid of Blogger (not to ‘dis’ blogger, but I can’t truly customize it) and set up my archives again. If I do this soon I won’t have too many archives to transfer over. After all, Dwelling is coming up on it’s 3 year birthday…

I’ve decided that blowing air at people will be my way of admonishing them. It will be a particularly harsh punishment in the morning. I’m going to be a great parent. “Don’t make me come over there and blow air in your face!”

NP in my head: Brian Eno’s latest release, “It’s a Beautiful Day”

Now biting my hand: Simone.


Deutsch Games, Runaway dogs and Awards

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I may not remember to write about all these things but I at least wanted to gloss them over before the week’s end.

Amy got an award for her volunteer work. Had she been at the international conference, she would have received it in front of the entire conference. I’m so proud of her!

On the way home from work yesterday, there was a little border collie loose on the southbound I-5 near the Rose Quarter. I helped calm it down and catch it along with three other concerned drivers. I hope it’s found its home by now.

This morning I was sent an e-mail from a German television station, asking me to appear on their Game show!?!?!?! This was not a mistake. I’ll have to get the full translation to figure out what they really want, but it’s just bizarre any way you slice it…