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Friday could have used one big backspace key. All day long my left hand was twitching on ‘Command-Z’.

After an Argumentative morning and a Frustrating afternoon (which I did get my minidisc back from Gustav http://www.knrk.com/jocks/gustav.htm finally), Amy and I had a Stressful evening.

She sliced her little finger open when a glass she was washing broke. I jumped up from the computer when I heard her yelp. I got in there and just saw blood coming out of her hand. My whole body went taut and my first aid training from Scouting kicked in: view the damage, clean the wound, apply pressure with a clean cloth.

It was pretty easy to do, but it was nice having them pop-up in my head as a check list to run through. I mean this wasn’t a five car pile-up, but I was glad I had the confidence to know what I was doing.

The thing was deep, but I didn’t want to show Amy or let her know. The best thing for her to do to stop the bleeding was to get her calmed down, so I didn’t tell her how worried I was about the depth of it. I was scared she might have hit a major nerve or a tendon.

We got her to the emergency room at OHSU within 15 minutes easy, but then it took nearly (three hours) to have them look at it and get the stitches in. It burns me each time I go in ERs here – things take forever. I have noticed that standing in the doorways where you are seen every time the nurse walks by can be a good visual reminder.

She needed a few stitches, and my fears were for naught, but I’m glad we got it handled. Now I’ve got dishes to do… wish me luck!


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  1. Dwelling » Gustav and KRNK said,

    12.19.05 at 10 pm

    […] I wondered if there had been any more recent articles looking at KNRK’s turn around. I googled for KNRK and Gustav and such and actually came across my own journal entry about Gustav, but there has not been much about the station lately which is a shame. The closest I’ve found is a podcast from Northwest Noise from 15 May 2005 and has turned out to have Gustav’s look back at the station. It’s GREAT. If you’re into KNRK’s music, you should listen to this podcast. […]

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