Meltdown in Tukwilla

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Amy and James and I watched the US Open Cup match between our beloved Timbers and the filling village up north. Last nights stream of the game from Tukwilla’s Starfire Complex was incredible. The 3-1 win by the Timbers was a great ending, but way that the game was lost by the Sounders was a spectacle worthy of being written about. By me. Here. On this blog.

Let’s see who has been writing about it so far:

The one topic I’d like to add to the scrum is regarding Clint Dempsey. I’ve noticed a consistent thread of Sounders fans defending ‘Deuce’ and his actions by saying that what he did wasn’t really an attack on the ref. The line of reasoning is that it wasn’t worth a criminal arrest, therefore it wasn’t so bad. I’m surprised at the reasoning here, because this sort of action leads us down very dark path.

We cannot allow refs, good or bad or neutral, to become targets for abuse. Even the slightest hint of malice must be dealt with… dramatically, harshly and immediately. The way that these things progress are literally a matter of life and death.


  1. PdxCowbell said,

    06.17.15 at 7 am

    @rossolson I guess we should be good neighbors and think about watching these things together 😉 I bet our baby monitor would reach. Hehe

  2. PdxCowbell said,

    06.17.15 at 7 am

    @rossolson oh and add bbc and espn to your list. More exposure to the antics happening 😉

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