EV fun last September at the Woodburn Drags

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So I finally got the video edited together and posted to the OEVA site. I posted the following comment to the EVDL discussion list:


Hi all. I cut and spliced and pasted a 6 minute highlights video from the Woodburn event with a great soundtrack. Take a look at the video here:


The video is available in three sizes: 5mb, 10mb and 30mb, so pick your poison and start watching. PS, There’s a White Zombie burnout in there by special request…


Here were the comments that I got back:

“VERY cool! Thank you. I am gonna pass the link on to some dinosaur burners I know.”

“That was like a Mad Max video (without the thugs trying to steal the gas).”

“Very nice job, Ross”

“Great video ! It is great to be able to show people my truck at the strip.”

“Totally great job! Those are nice edits – must have been hours on the strip. I like the sceen after sceen of take offs.”

“I like it. Good job Ross.”

“Ross, thanks for the great footage you’ve provided for all to enjoy. I know it must have taken you hours of editing. See Ya….John Wayland”

“Excellent, many thanks.”


It’s nice to get some kudos for something that I worked on, I’m not getting much positive feedback from my job, so this is a nice esteem boost for me. The video itself is a bit too long for non-EVer’s, but if you’re into electric vehicles, it’s a really fun piece.

Oh yeah, specs. Camera: Canon ZR-85 (handheld and tripod, normal and wideangle lens), Editor: Apple iMovie, B&W G3, pure firewire play.

The movie itself was rough cut just by getting the stuff I wanted to keep and was originally split into two parts: The Pits, then The Races. It became clear that the most interesting part of the racing was the launches, so nearly everything was trimed down to the 2 to 5 seconds after the take off. But even then I was getting seasick watching all of these launches together, so I took the morning runs and put them ahead of the pit footage. That gave me a couple of nice segue points to latch the soundtrack onto.

Almost all of the pit footage is run at double speed, which worked out realy well, particularly around the kid’s bike where I pan around it. The handheld shake is in full effect (even dampened by the camera’s filters), and the 2x speed brings it out even more, in a good way. (The Small movie version is slightly different from the other two. The soundtrack fits better as there’s a reference in the lyrics to the “Devil” just as the skull shifter from the “Going Postal” van is on screen followed by a reference to “child” just as the scooter is getting panned around.)

The music is all Spiritualized. I had wanted to use “Electricity” from the start, and added “She Kissed Me (It felt like a hit)” when I needed to keep the pacing up. The cut of Electricity was actually captured from the DVD Video Single for that track, and it ended up bringing in a really nice ending with a few extra sound effects. (The album cut fades into the next track too easily and all of the remixes I have are too long).

It was a lot of fun putting it together. I’m glad I got this camera last year to do this sort of thing.

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