Hydrogen Pipe Dreams

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From a PopSci article we finally get some good analysis on the so-called Hydrogen Economy:

“These experts are confident that the hydrogen economy will arrive—someday. But first, they say, we have to overcome daunting technological, financial and political roadblocks. Herewith, our checklist of misconceptions and doubts about hydrogen and the exalted fuel cell.”

1. Hydrogen is an abundant fuel
2. Hydrogen fuel cells will end global warming
3. The Hydrogen Economy can run on renewable energy
4. Hydrogen gas leaks are nothing to worry about
5. Cars are the natural first application for hydrogen fuel cells
6. The U.S. is committed to hydrogen, pouring billions into R&D
7. If Iceland can do it, so can we
8. Mass production will make hydrogen cars affordable
9. Fuel cell cars can drive hundreds of miles on a single tank of hydrogen

All of the above are either refuted or brought down to Earth dramatically

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