Remotes and Watts

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I’ve added another couple of “articles” to my non-web dev articles section. This time I’ve got instruction manuals for a Playstation 2 remote control for DVD funtions and the instructions for the Kill A Watt home wattage meter.

The remote control (a Mad Catz Dual Sided DVD Remote Control for Playstation 2) has a set of codes that are to be used for various televisions. If these Mad Catz Remote Control codes are lost, the thing is basically worthless (unless you have Sony equipment, which is what it defaults to.) So I scanned the instructions in, got some OCR software and converted the English instructions to a text files and a web page. See the Mad Catz Remote instructions and download them here.

The Kill A Watt instructions are a different matter. See, the device is really quite straightforward, but the instructions look like they’re written on something akin to rice paper, or tissue paper. If you’ve ever seen or played with magician’s “flash paper” you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. So just to be on the safe side, I scanned and OCR’d those instructions as well. See the Kill A Watt instructions and download them here.

Long term goal? To convert a lot of the papers that I need into digital format so that I can find them and store or toss out the original documents with less worry.

I figure that someone else out there might want to find these instructions as well, and I’ve tried to use as many variations of keywords as I could in order for search engines to find them.

Posting documents like these to my web site also makes a great “off site” backup. If anything happens to my machines at home, can download these files from my web site on the other side of the continent.

Of course, I might run out of room at some point, but I don’t have *that* many papers.

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