Logitech Camera with Face Tracking

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There’s a new webcam from Logitech that can track where your face is at so that you aren’t stuck in one postition while you’re trying to chat with someone.

There’s a Review at Tom’s Harware.

It seems the next step is for it to automatically adjust the pixels so that your pupils are aimed towards the camera, and hence the viewer.

All this time, I thought that those sci-fi movies where people were are talking into the big, flat wall display had some sort of camera inside it. Most LCD screens use three sub-pixels of red green and blue right? well, what if there was a fourth pixel that was actually a video sensor?

Or perhaps the displayed image is actually projected from the side onto a one-way mirror with a video camera behind it.

But now another option: let the software do the work. Have the camera (or cameras) stitch together the final image and then modify it to make it look like the the person is looking at the camera and not the view screen.

That’s actually pretty feasible, I think.

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