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So I’ve added a little piece of text that lists my most recently played tune that I’ve got iTunes playing on my G3. This is the first change I’ve made to my Journal in quite some time.

I was just re-reading my entries from this week in ’98 and ’99 and each of them are far more personal, something this log has not had in quite some time. Of course Resolutions, like Rules, are made to be broken. One of my ongoing resolutions has been to write more, but I find myself reading voraciously, all online of course. Blogs, News, Articles, Research papers, anything that comes up grabs me.

I retain a lot of it, but if information is a river, I’m a backwater eddy with a bunch of debris swirling around. I really need to write more. Or at least some. And not just these pithy comments I’ve been making for the past couple of months but some actual writing. Of course my wrist may decide to go on permanent strike, but I’ll see what I can do.

I’ve got a set of handouts for my intro to web graphics course that I’d like to have ready for my Fall class, but at this rate I might not make it.

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