On Stress

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I’ve lived a stressed out lifestyle for a few years now. Sure there are ups and downs, but the overall graph of stress has stayed above the tense / forgetting to breathe stage for about 6 months now.

It’s had an interesting effect in that there are obvious longer term effects that I’m noticing. Lower back pain and more ongoing wrist pain are two of the starting points. A distinct lack of ability to concentrate and fidgeting are others.

I have this nervous habit which I had dropped a few years back which I noticed happening just the other day. It’s not horrible, but I have a tendency to dig my fingernails into the sides of my fingertips, right next to the nail. It actually provides some stress relief at some level, but if it happens on a regular basis, I begin to lose the skin around my nails, opening it up until it’s quite raw.

Not a good thing. But at least I’m recognizing it. Perhaps I’ll take some steps to control it.

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