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From: tidbits-talk@lkm…ch

What I really find useful about http://www.epinions.com (New Window) is that they let you rate the resellers, too. I will pay more to buy from a reseller with positive feedback, and I won’t buy from resellers with no or negative feedback.

From: TXPubs@Softh….net

In doing my research, however, I found an invaluable site that compiled reviews (both on and off the net) and rated numerous items. It also rated the quality of the reviews and provided links to them when they were online. I had already thoroughly researched what I wanted and was surprised to see that this site found everything I had (& more) & assembled all of the information much better than I had.

You might want to check it out – it is http://www.consumersearch.com (NW)

From: Alan.Full…@motorola.com

I would recommend <http://www.audioreview.com/> (NW). This site specializes in audio equipment and the reviews are by people who own or have owned the equipment. All the reviews for one component are on one page so there’s no flipping back and forth between pages (just scrolling up and down). The reviews are (for the most part) well thought out and well written.

There’s <http://www.pricescan.com/> (NW) for comparison shopping. Not as slick as mySimon but very useful.

From: ace@tidbi….com

<http://www.activebuyersguide.com/> (NW)

Overall, I’m really quite impressed – they run you through a set of questions and tradeoffs about a given product (they even do it with dog breeds) and then present a number of choices that fit your answers. Very nicely done and well worth it if you aren’t sure what model or brand of something you might want.

From: gerber@iNi….net

Another Internet site worth looking at is http://www.consumerreports.com/ (NW). For just $5/month, or $25/year, you can get excellent reports on the quality of all kinds of merchandise, as well as ratings of merchants (online and off). It’s a great place to double check that what you’re getting is something that will be enjoyed for a long time, and not thrown in the trash a few months later. Their ratings of Internet shopping sites are also excellent and can help you find a site with the information you need, and avoid getting bilked.

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