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I waslucky this year. I’ve gotten not only my Christmas Cards finished (still got to get stamps on them) but I’ve also finished most of my Christmas shopping too. As for me, some people have been having a hard time figuring out good gifts. And really one of the best things to do is to get a Gift certificate for the price of something that you think the person would want and then give them the certificate. Perhaps it doesn’t have the ‘flavor’ of a present being unwrapped undert he Christmas tree, but it sure hits the mark.

The Ross Gift List for the holiday season has already been taken up by a bunch of stuff. I already got the iPod, and at work, my manager just changed handhelds and passed off her Palm VIIx to me. (“Seven ex” I think is how it’s pronounced.)

With the MP3 player and the good pda in tow, there’s not a lot of additional tech to get me, right? heh heh heh.

There’s always the Logitech Cordless Optical Mouse which is actually pretty cheap all considered. Getting that would allow me to bring my current optical mouse into work. This would be a good thing, because I think I’m getting some sort of RSI issue from the wheel on the mouse I have.

Always a good place to look is the TidBITS gift list which is always chock full of techie goodness. A DVD player is always good, and a Gameboy would really compliment my Palm and iPod.

And of course, there’s still time to get me stuff from my b-day list. Music is *never* a bad thing nor are books or candy.

Sure, I want world peace and goodwill towards all, and all this stuff, when it all boils down, is just stuff. But toys are fun and it’s nice to be able to have a little bit of extra enjoyment from the work that I’ve done this year.

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