Upgrade of the OS

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I’ve finally made the upgrade. It took me a while to plan it out and get comfortable, but step-by-step I went through and got my machine prepared and organized, got everything in just the right place s that if I hit a critica problem, I could switch back at a moment’s notice.

It took the better part of both weekend mornings, but I finally got my Blue and White G3, up and running with its new operating sytem.

That’s right. I’ve gone all the way from MacOS 8.6 to MacOS 9.1 (nearly the final paragraph).

Oh yes, we’re talking cutting edge here. 🙂 I think most people would expect me to have MacOS X installed and running full time or the latest gadget and software and hardware, but that’s really not my style. I let things settle in and have other people work out the issues and I wait for the slings and arrows to die down. Then I’ll peek around at the new stuff and bring it up online on a machine that I actually need to use. Other machines, I could give a rip about. But my main Mac — that’s something I’m careful about.

And now I’m setup to get Mac OS X as soon as I feel that it’s good for me. I will certianly be waiting out 10.1 — my G3 has hardware-based DVD playback which 10.1 doesn’t support. It sounds like it will be coming however, and that’s when I think I’ll pounce.

Of course by then I may have an iBook, so it will be okay to hold off on upgrading the G3…

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