Some Saturday Maths and News

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For those of you who are intrigued by non-base 10 or base 2 counting systems, we present an interesting look at Base 3, and the Trits.


Meanwhile in Iran:

Iran Wins Women’s Airgun Crown
TEHRAN Iranian women took the lead at the shooting event of Third Muslim Women’s Games that will be held in 15 sporting fields.

The Iranian shooting team stole the show and grabbed the top title of the airgun competitions on Friday.

In the airgun competitions that five teams comprising 20 markswomen participated, the Iranian team bagged 1,158 points and ranked first and the teams of Qatar and Iraq finished runner-up and third, winning 1,118 and 942 points respectively.

The five participating teams were Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Qatar and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In the individual’s category, the shooters of Iran, Elham Hashemi with 483 points, Yalda Khoda-Bandeh with 483 points and Lida Fariman with 482 points ranked first to third respectively.

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