It's my B-day soon…

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My birthday is coming up soon, and of course the standard wish list is full of geeky stuff. An MP3 player with USB connectivity would be cool, or the Keyspan Digital Media Remote would be a great addition as well. (I was wondering if this, combined with Mousekeys could operate as a wireless mouse…)

Let’s see, a new Sony reciever would be great as our ancient Panasonic has stopped playing the left channel. There was that nice big jacket at a store here in Portland, and a great desk chair with a 12 year warranty as well. Of couse some of the desks were very nice as well.

Let’s see, an External Firewire hard drive would be *really* cool, as I could finally move all my stuff of my G3’s internal hard drive and repartition it so that I could have a place to put Mac OS X. The Public Beta is coming out next week, and I’d love to be able to work with it. Baring that, a simple PCI video card so that I could run two monitors would be a huge plus for me as well. I’ve got an old 21″ Greyscale Radius monitor that I would love to be able to use…

Of course, I would not return a Graphite iBook Special Edition either, though I’d probably wait for the next one that should have FireWire on board… Ooo and the Airport Base Station would be great, because that, plus a 4 port Ethernet hub, would allow Amy and I to be on the Net at the same time, with no hassles.

Though I’ve got to say, any of the above items would make great gifts. But they would be extras. All told, my life is pretty excellent as it is. I’ve got a beautiful woman who I’m deeply in love with, a couple of cats that adore me, a job where what I do can make an impact on the company, and very few worries. All in all, it’s a very nice life.


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