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Three of our sites went live this week. It’s been pretty crazy of late getting so many projects through our small shop in such a small amount of time.

<http://www.jamminfm.com> <http://www.abctech.com> <http://www.airadvice.com>

Let me take that back, it’s pretty easy to get these projects through… if they were the least bit staggered. All of the sites came in within three weeks of each other (plus 4 other sites, half theat went up last week, another two that will next.) and so each was putting presure on exactly the same resource at the same time.

It’s easy to move an elephant, if everyone can lift their part of the elephant together. But if you try to move an elephant like a sandbagging line, then you’re going to find yourself with some pretty slow progress.

Of course, all of this relates directly to last July’s near disaster in the Sales department. Is it really any wonder why 2 of the 3 sales poeple are gone now?

There’s a lot of presure on our development guy now. He’s got 4 projects that basically rest on his shoulders. Im hoping that I can pitch in on some of the stuff and help out, but it will be interesting.


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