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Nov 24 Wed (01 PM)

I came across a recent article about Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), and the topic is just really starting to gain my respect.


The article goes into depth about the graphical system that SVG makes available for the web. It builds quite beautifully on the back of Cascading Style Sheets and the code really could be hand coded, though it would be slow.

I’m realy hoping that SVG catches on with some of the major vendors soon. The ability to export SVG from Illustrator and Freehand will really make the technology usable. Then we’ve got to get the support for it in IE and Mozilla.



Dmoz seems to have a good page to start looking for info on this and the www-svg mail list archives has some great discussions as well.

My biggest question though is if it will get used. I noted a few entries ago that I thought that the industry as a whole was getting stale, and lamented the fact that having a new broswer version released every 9 months is keeping new technologies from getting integrated quickly like they used to. For all the bugs and user interface problems, both frames, JPEGs, Animated GIFs and JavaScript all climbed on to the web after NS 1.0, but all of them quickly spread to be supported by browsers or used by web pages.

But these days with Mozilla taking 2+ years to go from 4.0 to 5.0, and MS slowing the release schedule of IE, these new technologies are unable to sustain the hype that’s required to energize both the browser developers and the site developers.

Here’s to hoping that even at the more relaxed pace of 1999 web browser development, some of these great technologies will eventually be available for us to deploy.

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