Severe Awe

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Nov 19 Fri (12 PM)


I just got back from a meeting with Brad Hansen at PSU. The class that I’m going to be teaching next term is ‘Authoring Digital Media’. I was under the impression that it was just one of the classes that are part of the Multimedia Developers Course at the University, but it turns out that it’s actually the Final class in the course.

They must have some real confidence in my skills, because the course is to tie together all of the development, production, and design courses that lead up to this final class.

I’m in awe. Severe awe.

Wish me luck with this one. More details will be coming shortly.

Also , if you get the chance, check out what Dave at UserLand is doing. He’s put together a page that lists which web-logs and journals have been updated in the past hours. It quite interesting. <http://subhonker2.userland.com/weblogMonitor/> I think this has been the most effective site that he’s put together from his shop yet, and certainly the most useful for me. It’s fun checking in and seeing who’s updated recently.

One important aspect though is the fact that there are only a few sites that have registered, 60 or so at the last count. I really think this will remain effective only if this group is kept under 100.


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