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From Slashdot… I want! I want! This is what the Leatherman _could_ have been. http://www.knifecenter.com/knifecenter/spyderc/wrench.html

Last night’s Jesus Presley concert was pretty good. I figured after two and a half years (the last time I saw them) that they would have more new songs, but they only played 2, maybe 3, that I hadn’t heard before out of a set of 9 or 10.

There wasn’t as much energy as other shows, but I think that can be attributed to having their opening band start almost an hour late because Sinbad (in the concert hall next door) went longer than planned.

The opening band, Rusty Nails were okay, but their set should have been shortened further, not JP’s.

There was one other surprise at the show. The past friend that I mentioned in my previous entry was there with his girlfriend. It was an unpleasent surprise, animosity was in the air, and there wasn’t much I could or wanted to do about it.

It’s too bad because the guy is a really good person and I miss hanging out with him. The last I heard, he felt I needed to give his gf an appology, though I didn’t hear what it was for.

This whole situation is very strange for me. I’ve not been involoved with a set of negative interpersonal relationships that were so convoluted and ugly.

Perhaps this is where the lost energy went from the show. 🙁

Well, off to the DEQ and Goodwill to drop off some old stuff. Maybe we can get that new CD tower soon… It should hold all of our CD’s in one place rather than having… 9 different storage racks and towers and cases.

The Depeche Mode Soundtracks section of FPO got a boost last night as I found scans for the four covers I had been missing: Say Anything, Modern Girls, The Wedding Singer (Part 2), and Dangerously Close. The first three came from http://www.bongbishop.com and the last from The Internet Movie Database http://www.imdb.com

Of those, I’d actually like to purchase the first two because the SA soundtrack has a good tracklist and the MG soundtrack has an exclusive mix. (Although the mix may be only in the film, over the closing credits. I can’t remember off-hand.)

Well for an entry I expected to be short, this one went on for a bit. I had said in the past, I’d like to give a wider set of entries, more than just to-do lists and events. I’m still working on that, but not working hard enough.

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