Dree-ee-ee-ee-ea-m, Dream, Dream Dream.

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Apr 25 Sun (10 AM)

I’m in some big city, mid-afternoon. I meet a famous movie star who looks like Dustin Hoffman, but it’s not him. He’s registered under the name ‘Tom’ at a large hotel made of white marble. He invites me to the party their having that night. I asked him what time? ‘Whenever’, he replies.

So I’m walking out of the hotel lobby and down the street. I’m wondering ‘Would it be okay to bring Amy to the party too?’

I’m one of three childen in a Chinese family. I’m European and Asian. Suddenly I notice that I’m not so much walking as I’m gliding about a foot off the ground.

I think to myself, ‘Well this is interesting.’ I want to go higher and suddenly I’m at the same height as the street lights, the ones that are used over freeways, about 100 meters tall. I think to myself ‘I’ll go higher still’ and I start drifting down, towards the backyard of my Asian parent’s house. The more I think and try to will myself into the sky, the closer to the Earth I go.

I start realizing that I need to be Zen about this: I need to ‘want’ to be off the ground, as opposed to telling myself to fly is a particular direction.

I’m rising off the ground a bit again when a puggy asian friend of my asian parents comes into the backyard, which has a tall wooden fence around it. I don’t want him to see me like this, but there’s nowhere to hide, so I zoom up into the night sky and hover over him. I get a really good view of his bald spot.

I notice that it’s late and I’ve probably missed the party at the hotel.


Those dream sequences were this morning. Yesterday I had a dream that I had this incredible Mac G3 setup, including an unreleased Apple 17″ flat-panel display.

Then I woke up. I was upset that that it was dream. I walked into the living room, and there it was. The entire setup, just like in my dream! The translucent plastics and all. It was mine! I really did have this whole package.

Then I really woke up. [Sigh.]

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