Unix Memorization

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Sunday morning and time to head into work. I’ve been seeing what I can set up on OMSI’s site that I can do maintenance wise from home. It’s amazing, this thing called UNIX, though I still have a lot to memorize. I would say learn, but really no one learns UNIX, they just memorize it.

The JavaScript redirect on the OMSI error page has really cleared up a bunch of bad hits. I’m really happy with it’s performance. No, it’s not as fail safe as using a server command redirect, but it’s much more flexible. I really feel like I’m cleaning the error logs up.

The RatCam died again, but I can’t say I’m surprised…



Quake in OMSI

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Ah… Saturday Morning. Running laundry downstairs and trying to keep Simone off the top of the entertainment center.

Amy and I went out for a drive last night. We ended up in Longview, Washington. She gave me the grand tour of the town, which seemed more like a deserted movie set than a place where people live. It seems everyone goes to bed there at 11:00 pm on Friday nights.

Amy showed me the houses she used to live in and all three of the public schools she went to. She said it’s strange to think of other people living in the same house that she grew up in. I imagine it would be pretty weird, since it’s never happened to me. My parents still live in the same house they’ve always been in, since I can remember.

I decided a new project I’d like to tackle is building a Quake level of OMSI. I’ve been looking for utilities that I could work with. It looks like they’re all Wintel based, so I’m going to try to hijack some CPU cycles from a machine at work.

In addition to having a really cool layout for a QuakeWorld, I think I may be able to use it as a navigation aid for visitors. I’ll have to look into it. If you have any tips that would help me out, please let me know!



She's a Peach

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Toady I’m doing part of a teacher workshop put on by OMSI. These are teachers with little or no experience with web development, and I’ll be giving them the basics. I’ll be trying to show them a way of critiquing sites so they can understand the difference between good and bad design. I’ve only got half and hour, so we’ll see how it goes.

Amy and I had a great night last night. Details unavailable. 🙂 “She’s a Peach…”

I got caught up on my e-mail back to about late Monday. I’ve still got stuff back to early last week… 🙁

I finally got a counter on this page. It will be interesting to see how many I’m getting. As well, I implemented that new error page for OMSI. It’s working really well from what I can see. The only problem is that if it works well, then no one will know it’s there… :p



Water Works

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Monday morning and I’m back into the fray. Had a department meeting with Marilyn and Stacey that lasted quite a while.

I took the WaterWorks web site on OMSI’s pages and cleaned it up a bit, added a couple of needed pages and links and cleaned up the file structure. It’s an interesting resources though the graphics area really lacking: <http://www.omsi.edu/sln/ww/>

Feeling really busy and yet little to show for it. I guess I’m still trying to get a few pieces into place so that the work I’ve been going can be put out in the open. It’s the waiting that’s the hardest part – Tom Petty

I took one of Amy’s O-+> CD’s to work. The Hits 2.

Good stuff.



Sunday Through Thursday

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Dealing with HTML really makes regex a lot of fun. It seems as though the pattern I set up has just gone all over the place. I’ve had to comment it out in order to get perl to run the script at all. Well it looks like it runs now. But I still want the regex to work.

Amy and I didn’t get to watch Shine because the tape was messed up. Whenever the tape was playing normally, the screen went to its ‘this-image-is-so-messed-up I’m-just-going-to-show-a-blue-screen’ screen, but you could see the video when you had the tape moving at fast-forward or in reverse. I guess I’ll take them back to Hollywood Video today.

I work on a Sunday through Thursday schedule by my own choosing. So I’m headed into work this morning.