Quake in OMSI

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Ah… Saturday Morning. Running laundry downstairs and trying to keep Simone off the top of the entertainment center.

Amy and I went out for a drive last night. We ended up in Longview, Washington. She gave me the grand tour of the town, which seemed more like a deserted movie set than a place where people live. It seems everyone goes to bed there at 11:00 pm on Friday nights.

Amy showed me the houses she used to live in and all three of the public schools she went to. She said it’s strange to think of other people living in the same house that she grew up in. I imagine it would be pretty weird, since it’s never happened to me. My parents still live in the same house they’ve always been in, since I can remember.

I decided a new project I’d like to tackle is building a Quake level of OMSI. I’ve been looking for utilities that I could work with. It looks like they’re all Wintel based, so I’m going to try to hijack some CPU cycles from a machine at work.

In addition to having a really cool layout for a QuakeWorld, I think I may be able to use it as a navigation aid for visitors. I’ll have to look into it. If you have any tips that would help me out, please let me know!


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