Jobs in Portland and how to find them

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1) Mail: You should certainly subscribe to Mac’s List: I am also on CyberCoders and Monster.com. I’ve also seen great results from ziprecruiter.com. I would suggest setting up a separate email account to handle these sorts of registrations, as you will get an uptick in spam when you start job hunting.

2) Twitter: find me @rossolson and look at my lists. One of the lists is for Portland employment. I also keep an eye on the #pdxjobs and search for “portland jobs -maine”

3) LinkedIn: Be sure you’re on LinkedIn and have set the options to show you’re looking for work: (Account & Settings menu – upper right corner) => Privacy & Settings => Communications => “Select the types of messages you’re willing to receive”. Put as much of your work history in there as you can using as many keywords as you can that you’re looking for. The KEYWORDS are the most important part of your resume. They are the ONLY WAY most recruiters will find you.

4) Agencies: Get in touch with at least 4 recruiting agencies. TekSystems: www.teksystems.com is one place to start. You should also contact www.vanderhouwen.com and www.roberthalftechnology.com and you might contact Triad at www.go2triad.com but they seem to have mostly programming jobs. You should get your name out to as many agencies as you can find. They make money by getting you a job. Help them make money.

5) Resume: Make sure you have your resume URL and a PDF ready to hand over. Some places like the MS Word .doc file, but fewer and fewer. I have mine available in all three. Most of the agencies will want to hide your name and contact information from the companies they are showing your resume. They can do that most easily in a Word Doc, but you can also have that version available for them. The old adage of only having a one page resume is outdated. The key is to have a long resume where people only need to read the first page to figure out why you’re applying and why they should hire you.

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