Twitter Updates for 2010-12-23

Posted in Twitter at 8 pm

  • @EmbarkCreative how are auto DMs any worse than "retweet and win!" spams? <smirk> #
  • @EmbarkCreative interesting policy, but "Rt&W" has always felt 'spammy' to me. Those auto replies certainly are very spammy. #
  • @EmbarkCreative Scale on 1-10: the company: 7, the retweeters: 3. The robo-reply-ers: 10. "Spam is in the eye of the receiver?" #
  • @EmbarkCreative Automatic unfollow doesn't kick in until accumulation of spam points reaches 10. You've got 7 points left! <grin> #
  • @EmbarkCreative Ha! You made my day with that. #
  • @EmbarkCreative FYI Dotster is based in Vancouver WA. #

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