Rocco's Pizza is Back!

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Yeah, I know that Rocco’s Pizza has always been there since 1993 (before that it was another pizza joint which was really cool.) but there was a dark period where Rocco’s tried to open 4 additional locations in the space of 18 months, convert into an ‘Internet Cafe and Pizza’-style dot-com play, and totally changed their pizza to something akin to a platter of tomato sauce and a pinch of cheese with ‘essence’ of toppings.

I’m sure that they’ve been better for a while now, but it was only last week when I had lunch downtown that I took a chance on seeing what the ‘zza was like now. Holy Cow!

It’s delicious! It’s so much better, in fact I think it’s right back to the original style that I knew and loved when I worked downtown at Creative Multimedia in the mid 90’s. Amy and I got a large pizza last night (too large!) and it was sooooooo good! i’m looking forward to digging into the cheese and meat and the beautiful crust for the next few days.

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