Stickies for Sales Calls and New Projects

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As some of you may know, I’m leaving Hot Pepper to go work at Planar Systems. Today I’m packing up the stuff on my desk and I’m cleaning off the stickie notes that I’ve had up for quick reminders of various items.

For my own reference, and your ammusment I have listed them below:

Sales Calls

  • Take notes
  • Get name and remember it
  • Get contact info
  • Get project timeframe
  • Get budget size
  • Get platform, media or channel
  • Identify their goals
  • Find out who referred them

The idea there was to list the things I needed to do when someone called in looking to feel out how much a project would cost, or looking around for people to send a project to. Most of the time I would hand these notes off to Brad or Dave, or someone to follow up on the sales part.

New Project Calls

  • Take notes
  • Get contact info
  • Get timeframe
  • Get deadlines
  • Get budget
  • Get deliverables list
  • Get list of incoming assets
  • Ask for similar projects and styles

When a project kicks off, particularly with a client that we have an ongoing relationship with, we just need to get these project notes together. These two stickies were great to rely on when a call would come in out of the blue.

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