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I normally wouldn’t post in the middle ofthe day like this, but i’ve just got to note for the record that adding 512MB to my 128MB makes my iBook very snappy, and me very happy.

Now I’m able to switch back and forth between programs at a normal rate rather than the glacial speed I was at. Switching to Mail or IE when they did not have an exisiting window on the screen was excruciating. Now it’s slightly noticable. Swithcing to the Finder when there are no windows open actually has the default window open so quick I didn’t know it wasn’t already open until I experimented with it.

Finally I feel like I can breathe deeply and work in my digital space. Till now I felt like I was shoe-horned into this. Now it feels much better.

The only “easy” upgrade I could possibly make to this machine internally now would be a faster hard drive, moving from 4200rpm to 5400rpm. But at $250 for the 40GB IBM drive, I think I can wait.

My next upgrade will be Mac OS X.2, aka Jaguar, which I can get with my teacher discount at PSU for just $85.

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  1. Dwelling » Zoom Revisted said,

    10.29.06 at 12 pm

    […] Remember way back when I added 512 megs to my trusty iBook and noted my ability to breathe easier? Of course you don’t, but I do–and it was like night and day. The ability to go back to a machine and drop in some RAM a year later has both financial and mental benefits. […]

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