SolidState Internal HardDrive

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Holy Coolness, Batman! Talk about an interesting hack. I hope this bodes well for more solid state storage.


The guy has replaced the internal hard drive of a PowerBook 150 with a Compact Flash card and just a 32 megger!

I really hope we eventually see the end of spinning hard drives. Why make something mechanical when you can go fully solid state?

I hear the other day that 1, 2 and 3 Gigabyte Compact Flash cards were going to be made available, but hell, in the space of a PCMCIA hard drive, you could easily drop in a set of 4 Compact Flash cards which you could upgrade quite easily. And then if you were to RAID the compact Flash cards you could get some rockin’ speed and reliability *plus* the durability of the solid state.

In fact there’s really very little reason why tomorrow’s computer, be it laptop or desktop couldn’t be a shell with a dozen PC Card slots + Compact Flash and SD/MC. Each would handle anything from memory, to networking to video display. Of course the only thing missing is the processor…

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