Al Qaeda Training Manual

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Your very own copy of the Al Qaeda Training Manual is available in PDF format.


This is the manual that was found in a mosque in London. It’s been cut down to eliminate the parts that are supposed to be truly dangerous. I’m not sure why the Dept. of Justice decided to post this. It seems more inflammatory than anything. However, there is one section that’s really worth reading. Starting on Page 8 of the first section:

After the fall of our orthodox caliphates on March 3,1924 and after expelling the colonialists, our Islamic nation was afflicted with apostate rulers who took over in the Moslem nation. These rulers turned out to be more infidel and criminal than the colonialists themselves. Moslems have endured all kinds of harm, oppression, and torture at their hands.

It goes on for quite a bit longer providing the reason why these men have taken it upon themselves to cause such carnage, pain and death. I would like to identify which people are the colonizers, which are the “apostate rulers”. I’m sure they must be referring to mostly NATO countries, the US and their own puppet governments.

However what I truly find interesting is the the use of the “Islamic nation” as a phrase. I can almost see a single country stretching from Morocco to Pakistan, interrupted by a single patch of Judaism. But this isn’t how things have worked out in the real world. No ‘nation’ would allow an outside military to take down one of it’s own states. (Although if someone wanted California…) Yet the Islamic nations stood by while the US swooped in a took down Afghanistan’s government in less than 2 weeks.

I’m wondering if the author of the manual is disconnected from the world, or simply wishing hopefully. I wonder if having separate nations is better or if it would be better if they did become one nation (or community like the EU).

I’ve included some more excerpts from the manual in the Read More section.

{Notes by me are in {curly braces}, translator notes are in [square brackets]. }

{From the Introduction, page 8 of the first PDF}


Martyrs were killed, women were widowed, children were orphaned, men were handcuffed, chaste women’s heads were shaved, harlots’ heads were crowned, atrocities were inflicted on the innocent, gifts were given to the wicked, virgins were raped on the prostitution alter…

After the fall of our orthodox caliphates on March 3, 1924 and after expelling the colonialists, our Islamic nation was afflicted with apostate rulers who took over in the Moslem nation. These rulers turned out to be more infidel and criminal than the colonialists themselves. Moslems have endured all kinds of harm, oppression, and torture at their hands.

Those apostate rulers threw thousands of the Haraka Al-Islamyia [Islamic Movement] youth in gloomy jails and detention centers that were equipped with the most modern torture devices and [manned with] experts in oppression and torture. Those youth had refused to move in the rulers’ orbit, obscure matters to the youth, and oppose the idea of rebelling against the rulers. But they [the rulers] did not stop there; they started to fragment the essence of the Islamic nation by trying to eradicate its Moslem identity. Thus, they started spreading godless and atheistic views among the youth. We found some that claimed that socialism was from Islam, democracy was the [religious] council, and the prophet – God bless and keep him – propagandized communism.

Colonialism and its followers, the apostate rulers, then started to openly erect crusader centers, societies, and organizations like Masonic Lodges, Lions and Rotary clubs, and foreign schools. They aimed at producing a wasted generation that pursued everything that is western and produced rulers, ministers, leaders, physicians, engineers, businessmen, politicians, journalists, and information specialists. [Koranic verse:] “And Allah’s enemies plotted and planned, and Allah too planned, and the best of planners is Allah.”

They [the rulers] tried, using every means and [kind of] seduction, to produce a generation of young men that did not know [anything] except what they [the rulers] want, did not say except what they [the rulers] think about, did not live except according to their [the rulers’] way, and did not dress except in their [the rulers’] clothes. However, majestic Allah turned their deception back on them, as a large group of those young men who were raised by them [the rulers] woke up from their sleep and returned to Allah, regretting and repenting.

The young men returning to Allah realized that Islam is not just performing rituals but a complete system: Religion and government, worship and Jihad [holy war], ethics and dealing with people, and the Koran and sword. The bitter situation that the nation has reached is a result of its divergence from Allah’s course and his righteous law for all places and times. That [bitter situation] came about as a result of its children’s love for the world, their loathing of death, and their abandonment of Jihad [holy war].

Unbelief is still the same. It pushed Abou Jahl – may Allah curse him – and Kureish’s valiant infidels to battle the prophet – God bless and keep him – and to torture his companions – may Allah’s grace be on them. It is the same unbelief that drove Sadat, Hosni Mubarak, Gadhafi, Hafez Assad, Saleh, Fahed – Allah’s curse be upon the non-believing leaders – and all the apostate Arab rulers to torture, kill, imprison, and torment Moslems.

These young men realized that an Islamic government would never be established except by the bomb and rifle. Islam does not coincide or make a truce with unbelief, but rather confronts it.

The confrontation that Islam calls for with these godless and apostate regimes, does not know Socratic debates, Platonic ideals nor Aristotelian diplomacy. But it knows the dialogue of bullets, the ideals of assassination, bombing, and destruction, and the diplomacy of the cannon and machine-gun.

The young came to prepare themselves for Jihad [holy war], commanded by the majestic Allah’s order in the holy Koran. [Koranic verse:] “Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into [the hearts of] the enemies of Allah and your enemies, and others besides whom ye may not know, but whom Allah doth know.”

I present this humble effort to these young Moslem men who are pure, believing, and fighting for the cause of Allah. It is my contribution toward paving the road that leads to majestic Allah and establishes a caliphate according to the prophecy.


{From the 5th Lesson, on “Means Of Communication And Transportation” in the 2nd PDF }

The Military Organization in any Islamic group can, with its modest capabilities, use the following means: 1. The telephone, 2. Meeting in-person, 3. Messenger, 4. Letters, 5. Some modern devices, such as the facsimile and wireless [communication].


Fifth Means: Facsimile and Wireless: Considering its modest capabilities and the pursuit by the security apparatus of its members and forces, the Islamic Military Organization cannot obtain theses devices. In case the Organization is able to obtain them, firm security measures should be taken to secure communication between the members in the country and the command outside. These measures are:

1. The duration of transmission should not exceed five minutes in order to prevent the enemy from pinpointing the device location.

2. The device should be placed in a location with high wireless frequency, such as close to a TV station, embassies, and consulates in order to prevent the enemy from identifying its location.

3. The brother, using the wireless device to contact his command outside the country, should disguise his voice.

4. The time of communication should be carefully specified.

5. The frequency should be changed from time to time.

6. The device should be frequently moved from one location to another.

7. Do not reveal your location to the entity for which you report.

8. The conversation should be in general terms so as not to raise suspicion.

{Note that there is *nothing* regarding the use of computers or the Internet.}


{From the 11th Lesson on Espionage (Open Methods), pg 16 of the third PDF}

Since Islam is superior to all human conditions and earthly religions, it permits spying for itself but not for others. Majestic Allah says, “Not equal are the companions of the fire and the companions of the garden, and the prophet says, “Islam is supreme and there is nothing above it.” Islam, therefore, fights so the word of Allah can become supreme. Others fight for worldly gains and lowly and inferior goals.


{ibid, page 18}

The religious scholars have also permitted the killing of a hostage if he insists on withholding information from Moslems. They permitted his killing so that he would not inform his people of what he learned about the Muslim condition, number, and secrets. In the Honein attack, after one of the spies learned about the Muslims kindness and weakness then fled, the prophet – Allah bless and keep him – permitted [shedding] his blood and said, “Find and kill him.” Salma Ibn Al-Akwaa followed, caught, and killed him.

{ibid, page 22}

In addition to the aforementioned, [attention should be given] to newspapers, magazines, and the public’s comments and jokes.

{Watch it Letterman and Leno! You could be helping the enemy.}

{From the 12th Lesson on Espionage (Covert Methods), page 9 of the 4th PDF}

C. Gathering Information Through Recruitment: Recruiting agents is the most dangerous task that an enlisted brother can perform. Because of this dangerous task, the brother may be killed or imprisoned. Thus, the recruitment task must be performed by special types of members.

There are a number of motives that might entice an uncommitted person to take part in intelligence work. These motives are:

1. Coercion and entanglement

2. Greed and love for money

3. Displaying courage and love of adventure

4. Love of amusement and deviance

5. Mental and political orientation

6. Fear of being harmed

The Organization may use motives No. 2, 3, 5, and 6 in recruitment.

Candidates for Recruitment Are:

1. Smugglers

2. Those seeking political asylum

3. Adventurers

4. Workers at coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels

5. People in need

6. Employees at borders, airports, and seaports

Types of Agents Preferred by The American Intelligence Agency [CIA]:

1. Foreign officials who are disenchanted with their country’s policies and are looking towards the U. S. for guidance and direction.

2. The ideologist (who is in his county but against his government) is considered a valuable catch and a good candidate for American Intelligence Agency [CIA].

3. Officials who have a lavish lifestyle and cannot keep up using their regular wages, or those who have weaknesses for women, other men, or alcoholic beverages. The agent who can be bought using the aforementioned means is an easy target, but the agent who considers what he does a noble cause is difficult to recruit by enemy intelligence.

4. For that purpose, students and soldiers in Third World countries are considered valuable targets. Soldiers are the dominating and controlling elements of those countries.


{Those are the more interesting passages that I found. Taken out of context they may sound more harsh or benign than intended. I recommend reading the PDFs for yourself.}

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