Thirty Six

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Original Posting: 3/4/2001 10:55:45 PM

That’s the number of mails in my inbox. It’s the lowest my mail has been down to in 6 months easy. Most of the mails in there now are from January and February. I’m finally getting caught up.

For a long time now, my mailbox has been a pretty accurate barometer of my selfworth/selfcontrol/emotional state all wrapped up in one. A mail box of 36 and dropping is a good sign. A mail box of 90 and rising is a very bad sign. That’s where I was earlier this year and had been heading there since September or so.

It would be awfully shallow to think that my life consists of my inbox. Look at it this way: it’s an indicator, the proverbial canary that let’s the mine workers know when to get the hell out. (I’ve been feeling pretty shafted over the last few months. I dug this myself, but damn if it’s not difficult to get back out.) The Inbox is only one indicator. Here’s another: have I shaved? Is my facial hair neatly trimmed. Perhaps it’s the fact that I have to actually look at myself in the mirror that causes this ‘indicator’.

I am getting back out though. I’ve talked to a few friends, got some stuff put away and cleaned up in the apartment. (Organizing and cleaning things away provides me such a huge rush of accomplishment.). I got some of my web pages updated, figured out that my Ghia is “Zambesi Green” not Willow Green which I was suspicious of from the start, and even got invited to a lunch group next Friday.

I was also contacted to talk about another teaching opportunity with a different school. Teaching classes as a sideline is certainly enjoyable for me to tackle. Even if this opportunity isn’t a good fit for me, it’s nice to be asked.

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