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Over the past week, I’ve been not having a good life. A flu that started the moment we touched down in Portland after the T-Day trip to Nevada has been grinding on me all week. I’ve been sneezing, aching coughing and my throat is just sitting there taunting me: “So you want to swallow, huh? Well, we’ll see about that!”.And to top it off, On Thursday, Viva and I got in an accident. I wasn’t hurt, and Viva’s damage was comparably minor, but in car with a unibody construction, every damage means more damage than with more cars. So I’m dealing with insurance companies, police, the DMV and holiday shoppers. Add to that my class at PSU and the continuous tale of the cable installation from hell, and it adds up to a pity party for Ross.Oh and sitting in the bath tub today, I heard and watched as drops of water began falling from the vent in the ceiling, directly beneath our upstair’s neighbor’s bathroom. Wonderful. But hey, at least I’ve got my health… wait, scratch that.Now tell me, what the hell am I I going to do with three years of archives of this Journal, now that I’ve switched to blogger? That’ll be a fun trick…


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