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Oct 22 Sun (10 PM)

I think I’m in love, probably just hungry
Think I’m your friend, probably just lonely
Think you got me in a spin now, probably just turning
Think I’m a fool for you babe, probably just learning
Think I can rock and roll, probably just twistin’
Think I wanna tell the world, probably ain’t listening
Think I can fly, probably just falling
Think I’m the life and soul, probably just snorting
Think I can hit the mark, probably just aiming
Think my name is on your lips, probably complaining
Think I have I caught it bad, probably contagious
Think that I’m a winner baby, probably Las Vegas
Think I’m alive, probably just breathing
I think you stole my heart now baby, probably just leaving
Think I’m on fire, probably just smoking
Think that you’re my dreamgirl, probably just dreaming
Think I’m the best now babe yeah, probably like all the rest
Think I could be your man, you probably just think you can

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